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    Tablet Pc Cobalt Tab S700 Android 7”

    COBALT S700 Android 7” Tablet PC

    Allwinner A10 1.2GHZ, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 8GB Onboard Storage,

    Google Android 4.0 , Multi-touch Capacitive Screen,

    Support HDMI Ver 1.4 Output (Support 3D Vision) 1080p HD,

    High Resolution 800 x 480 Pixels Display,

    7 inch Super Slim 16:9 Panel, Built-in WIFI IEEE802.11B/G/N,

    Extremely long Battery Life of 2400mAh (4-5 hours of continuous active usage),

    Support multiple formats 1080P HD Player,

    Support external TF card, maximum capacity of 32GB,

    Various kinds of applications as shown below and More!!

    Model Number: Cobalt S700

    • Key Features and Specifications

    Introducing the Cobalt Tablet

    This is the ultra-thin top-of-the-line tablet PC the world has been waiting for! Lightweight & portable, this stylish 7” Tablet gives you the ability to improve your professional productivity and enjoy personal entertainment at your fingertips. The Cobalt S700 Android Tablet experience ushers in a new era of personal computer. You can take your tablet anywhere to surf the wireless internet (wireless network required), send an email or listen to music, watch movies or YouTube videos, or handle official business. The Cobalt S700 is perfectly designed by usability experts so that you can keep on top of your social networking and up to date with the latest business news and tasks.

    Lots of Processing Power in a Compact, Slim Chassis

    This 7-inch tablet packs a powerful punch! Featuring a powerful 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM with Android 4.0 tablet operating system, this smart combination between high performance hardware and intuitive software means that the CobaltS700 delivers an excellent tablet experience, whether you’re using the full web (with Adobe Flash support), watching full HD videos or using the thousands of Android apps and games available to download.

    Connect Easily to WiFi

    Internet connectivity is achieved via the 802.11b/g built-in WiFi. Our units have been extensively tested in our factory quality assurance process to make sure that your units can connect to WiFi quickly and securely.

    Browse the Web on a High Definition Capacitive Screen

    The Cobalt S700 has a high definition clear screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels to provide a fantastic multimedia and internet experience. The S700’s Capacitive touchscreen is among the best available and comparable to more expensive better-known tablet products. Many tablets come with an inferior Resistive screen, but not the Cobalt line of tablets. The Cobalt S700 screen is a TFT-LCD touch screen equipped with an LED backlight which is fantastic for viewing your movies and photos. This Cobalt S700 Android Tablet PC has a touch screen with icon or menu drag feature and screen rotation. The screen rotation features lets you view the screen in landscape or portrait mode, dictated by which way up the unit is held in your hand, this is great for viewing larger menu lists.

    Play Videos Seamlessly, including YouTube
    The Cobalt S700 is one of the few Android tablets with the computing power to play YouTube videos seamlessly, which makes it a perfect companion while traveling or relaxing away from your television, and a perfect gift.

    The powerful 1.2 GHz processor in the S700 means that it can play HD video files up to 1080p smoothly, even in the widely-used H264 codec that most other tablets can’t handle. Most well-known file formats are supported whether it is video, audio or photos so you won’t need any conversion software. And it’s easy to transfer your files into the built-in or extended memory with simple drag and drop from a PC over the USB cable or use the pre-installed file manager to transfer them from a USB flash drive. The S700 will recognize the new files within seconds and put them in your media library.

    Sharing your videos is easy with the large 800 x 480 pixel screen so that everyone can enjoy and thanks to the integrated speakers your tablet is a perfect portable HD media player or you can plug in any standard headphones in the 3.5 mm jack for a bit more privacy.

    Newest Version of Android Operating System and Access to Thousands of Apps

    The S700 runs on the Google Android operating system, which is an advanced and powerful platform for touch screen devices, gives you access to Android Market, where you can download many free and paid apps. The Cobalt S700’s Android 4.03 operating system (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) is the latest version available. It enhances multi-tasking to a much easier and user-friendly level for better performance

    Many Other Features to Improve Your Life

    Use your tablet for entertainment or to enhance your productivity. The S700 enables you to:

    • 8 GB of Storage allows plenty of room to save media content or critical files locally on your S700.
    • Play and listen to music. The S700 is compatible with all the major formats and codecs, manages metadata for your music library and has cover display so you can find the album you want even faster. Because it’s Android you can play music in the background whilst using other apps and there’s even music download and streaming applications available to download to take your music experience even further.
    • Check email from your personal or business account.You can configure a variety of email accounts on the built in email tool, giving each member of the family quick and easy access to their own messages.
    • Use HDMI output for other video options
    • Peruse eBooks through an eReader
    • Download Games or Productivity Tools using Google Play (included). Thanks to the range of document, slideshow and spreadsheet editors available to download on the S700, your tablet can be your mobile work station; you may never need your laptop ever again. With the integrated microSD card reader you can transfer files easily or even plug in a USB flash drive in the USB host slot / via the USB host cable.
    • Built in Camera. Use the S700’s built in 0.3MP camera to take photos or have a face-to-face conversation through Skype.

    Precio: 70 Mil
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