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    Boton de encendido

    Alguno ha utilizado este o algun dispositivo similar:

    China Car alarm system from Shenzhen Trading Company: Shenzhen Cardot Electronics Technology Co. Ltd

    Key Specifications/Special Features

    • Our push button start working modes are as follows:
      • In disarming, push foot brake, press start button one time shortly, car engine is started after 0.5 second, push button LED is on all the time
      • According to above same meaning, if you want to let engine off, also push foot brake, press start button one time shortly, engine is off, push button LED is still on
      • Without pushing foot brake, you can make a switch among ACC-on-off, press one time, ACC is power, and then press one time, dashboard is power, press it again, power is off, ACC is off
      • Under the special situation, you can press start button long, because in the some time, for example, it is hard to start your car under the extreme cold weather in the winter, you can start engine by press push button long

    • Brief introduction:
      • Lock and unlock automatically for car doors (PKE function)
      • Push button to start/stop engine
      • Remote lock or unlock
      • Remote start door lock automatically
      • Central lock automatically
      • Fitting auto gear and manual gear cars
      • 10-minute countdown engine off
      • Searching vehicle with sound
      • Side door trigger alarm
      • Start illegally alarm
      • Brake illegally alarm
      • Driving lock door
      • Stopping car unlock door
      • Push-button start

    • What is identification recognized function:
      • This product is the latest smart car alarm system with all necessary anti-theft functions and smart features, especially for identification recognized, also its price is very competitive
      • No smart key, never disarm
      • Car owner ignition on by smart key, other people drive your car without your smart key in his body, car can not start again if there is smart key once engine is off
      • If someone want to hijack or rob your car, press the foot brake, push button stop, and then take away the smart keys, after 2 seconds, engine is immobilized automatically, high security

    • Finger push-start button function:
      • ACC and on power
      • Start engine
      • Engine off
      • Cannot start car under arming status by press start button

    • Technology parameters:
      • Voltage: 12V
      • Static current: 40mA
      • Central lock maximum current: 15A
      • Siren degree: 125dB
      • Working frequency: 433.92MHz
      • Operation distance: >2 meters

    Es como para saber pros y contras de instalarlo o si del todo no promete "chinga" la nave o algo asi o que se yo lo que sea.
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    Lo encontre en amazon tambien:
    Product Description

    Dear Customer,
    This is an intelligent PKE car alarm remote engine start push button start password touch keyboard entry
    Arm/Disarm (lock/unlock)
    Mute arm
    Car locator
    Smart key start stop (push start/stop)
    PKE-passive keyless entry-Auto unlock the door when owner approach the car in 1-2 meters and auto lock the door when owner walk away the car in 1-2 meters
    PKE on/off by remote control
    Remote engine start
    Remote engine cut off
    Power off memory
    Valet mode (car washing/repair mode)
    Acousto optical anti-theft or multi-anti-theft
    Automatic central door locking
    Warning that the alarm has been triggered
    Door unlock well warning
    Warning the door is open whiling driving
    Intelligent anti-car jacking
    Remote trunk release
    Intelligent power saving sleep mode
    Enter the password though the glass outside the car with touch-clicking
    Unlock and emergency start via touch password-if you lost your remote control or which is damaged, you can get into your car and drive it away by input the password
    Remote control disable---If your remote control was lost, you can disable it to protect your car and control it by the password entry
    Password reset
    Automatic window close (additional window closer module is required)
    Emergency override
    Manual lock and unlock
    Code learning
    Important: If there is a chip in your original car remote control( key), you need to buy an extra bypass module or you can't use the remote start function. We have the bypass module for sale and you can buy them together. If you are not sure whether there is a chip in your remote control, pls ask your car vendor or a professional staff.

    Amazon.com : Smart Key Rfid PKE Car Alarm System Remote Engine Start Starter Push Start Button & Touch Password Entry Keyless Go System : Vehicle Remote Alarms : Car Electronics
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    Nunca lo he usado pero se ve tuanis. En una autodecoracion en pavas vi 1.

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