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    Panasonic SC-VK82D Mini System


    Una amistad está vendiendo un equipo de sonido con las siguientes características:

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    High Powerful Sound: 5600W (PMPO)/ 460W (RMS), with Twin Advanced Aluminum Cone Subwoofer System
    - Quick, Easy & Quiet 5-DVD/VCD/CD Changer with Play 1-Change 4/Disc Checking
    - 15 Speaker Units, Multi Speaker System with New Big 20cm Super Woofer

    Amp Section
    - Super Sound EQ for Dynamic Sound at the Touch of a Button
    - Preset EQ (Heavy, Soft, Clear, Disco, Live, Hall)
    - Manual EQ
    - Super Surround Sound (Music, Movie, Party)
    - Subwoofer Level Control

    DVD Section
    - VCD CD Changer
    - Advanced Progressive Scan* [NTSC/PAL] (4:4:4 Signal Processing/4:3 Shrink Function/Letterbox Zoom & Shift)
    * To enjoy a progressive scan picture, a TV with progressive scan capabilities must be used.
    - Built-in Dolby Digital & DTS Decoder
    - Dolby Pro Logic II
    - Multi-Format Playback (DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW*1, DVD-R*1, +R*1, +RW*1, SVCD*2, Video CD, CD,
    CD-R/RW*3, HighMAT [Level 2], WMA, MP3*4, JPEG and HDCD)
    - Multi Re-Master
    - 4:3 TV Zoom
    - 54MHz/10-bit Video Delta Sigma D/A Converter
    - Cinema Mode
    - Monitor Selector
    - Component Video Out
    - S-Video Terminal

    Cassette Deck Section
    - Feather-Touch Dual Auto-Reverse Decks

    Tuner Section
    - Digital Synthesizer Tuner
    - 30 Stations (15-FM/15-AM) Preset Memory
    - Magnetically Shielded Front 3-Way 3-Speaker System with 20cm Super Woofer, 12cm Woofer and 6cm Tweeter
    - 1-Way 2-Speaker Subwoofer System with 16cm Aluminum Cone Subwoofer
    - 2-Way 2-Speaker Surround Speaker Systems for Each L/R Channels
    - Magnetically Shielded 2-Way 3-Speaker Center Speaker System

    Other Section
    - Spectrum Analyzer FL Display
    - Energy Saving: Low Standby Power Consumption
    - Full KARAOKE Function (2-Mic M6 Inputs, Echo, Key-Control, Vocal Mute)
    - Programmable Timer (PLAY/REC/SLEEP) and Clock Function
    - Wireless Full Remote Control
    *1 Discs recorded and finalized on DVD video recorders/cameras.
    *2 Disc that cannot be played: "Chaoji VCD" available on the market including CVD, DVCD and SVCD that do not conform to IEC62107.
    *3 This unit can play CD-DA format audio CD-R and CD-RW. It may not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW due to the condition of the recording.
    *4 For contents recorded on CD-R/RW media from CDs for personal use. Playability may vary depending on conditions and discs.

    Precio: 175 mil colones negociable!!

    Cualquier consulta a través de este medio o al 88-31-32-80 con Jennifer.


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    Re: Panasonic SC-VK82D Mini System

    y que tal esta Jennifer ? Luis jajjaj
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    Re: Panasonic SC-VK82D Mini System

    jajajajaja bueno le diste un free bump al tema!!!
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    Re: Panasonic SC-VK82D Mini System

    y ahi le doy otor jejeje

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