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    Kawasaki Z 750R

    Kawasaki Z 750R

    Kawasaki revealed today its latest addition to its super naked line, a middleweight streetfighter badged Z750R. With a sportier look than the current Z750 model, the ‘R’ version comes with new brakes and exhaust system, though the engine remains unchanged.

    The bike comes with new improved chasis with fully adjustable front forks, revised rear shock on a new aluminium swing arm, radial front brakes with braded lines and ABS as an option.

    Some styling tweeks have been made, such as the nose cone, indicators and footpegs. Limited edition colours and revised clocks are also featured. Handlebar ends and ergonomics have also been revised.

    “The Z750R is an impressive package. It has been designed to take the handling, braking and overall specification of the hugely popular Z750 to a totally new level, justifying the exclusive R status of our new mid-weight naked contender for the coming year,” Kawasaki says.

    2011 Kawasaki Z750R features,

    High-grade, sharper front cowl
    Multi-piece cowl construction
    Sharper, more aggressive, multi-facet design
    Luxurious two-tone colouring
    Front fender with new fork guard portions
    Sharper turn signals
    Sporty R-model instrumentation
    Front suspension offers more precise adjustability
    Both sides feature rebound adjustability (vs only one side on Z750)
    41 mm inverted fork
    Preload adjustable
    Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with piggyback reservoir also offers increased
    cooling performance
    High-quality sculpted aluminium swingarm
    Radial-mount 4-piston calipers
    Radial-pump brake master cylinder
    Steel-braided brake lines (front and rear)
    Thicker front petal discs


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    Re: Kawasaki Z 750R

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    Re: Kawasaki Z 750R

    simplemente hermosa

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