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    Honda CBR 250RR

    Honda CBR 250RR

    Make Model

    Honda CBR 250R Year
    2011 Engine
    Liquid cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
    249.4 Bore x Stroke 76 x 55mm Compression Ratio 10.7: 1 Induction
    Electronic fuel injection PGM-F Ignition / Starting
    Max Power
    26.4 hp 19.4kW @ 8500 rpm Max Torque
    22.9 Nm @ 7000 rpm Transmission / Drive
    6 Speed / chain Frame Diamond; steel twin-spar Front Suspension
    37mm telescopic fork, 130mm wheel travel. Rear Suspension
    Pro-Link Monoshock damper, 104mm axle travel Front Brakes
    Single 296mm disc 2 piston caliper Rear Brakes
    Single 220mm disc 1 piston caliper Front Tyre
    110/70-MC17 Rear Tyre
    140/70-MC17 Seat Height 784 mm Wet-Weight
    162kg (166kg C-ABS version) Fuel Capacity 13 Litres

    The concept of progressing onto bigger and bigger bikes as a rider becomes more experienced is ingrained in motorcycling. For decades powerful, big-capacity machines have presented an obvious incentive to upgrade from smaller bikes as quickly as possible, offering both increased performance and huge prestige on the street. But in the 21st century the sense in doing this is becoming increasingly hard to see. Busy roads, spiralling fuel prices and the sense of responsibility we feel towards the environment all help make the lightweight and frugal small-capacity machine more relevant than ever.
    Over the years CBR motorcycles of various engine sizes have come to define what a road-focused sportsbike should be; how it should perform and what it should feel like. As dynamically rewarding as a Supersports machine but with a versatility and accessibility those bikes lack, the CBR family has consistently confounded the opposition by blending the performance expert riders demand with the ease of use so critical to building riding confidence in novices.
    New for 2011, the CBR250R unites the inherent virtues of a 250cc machine with the timeless CBR qualities of high performance, intuitive handling dynamics and unrivalled ease of use. The result is a machine of outstanding versatility; one able to take on any task while also delivering the excitement that makes every ride a joy. With its lightweight and very efficient single-cylinder engine, advanced chassis and striking design, the CBR250R is set to appeal to a wide range of riders. Everyone, from leisure riders to style-conscious commuters keen to save time and money will be drawn by the bike's easy handling, forgiving but powerful engine and rewarding chassis.

    Development concept
    While the advantages of lightweight, small-capacity motorcycles are easy to see, such machines have traditionally been compromised in several key areas. While modern riders are keen to reap the rewards of low running costs, outstanding fuel efficiency and easy handling, they are unwilling to sacrifice the sophistication, riding thrill or attractive styling of big-capacity machines. The demand therefore exists for a 250cc motorcycle that could - both in the way it looks and the riding experience it offers - be mistaken for a more expensive machine with a bigger engine.
    The 2011 CBR250R is Honda's response to this demand. Twin-cylinder engines are commonplace in the 250 class but the CBR250R is designed around an all-new 249.4cm3 single-cylinder engine with liquid cooling, an efficient 4-valve DOHC cylinder head and PGM-FI fuel injection. This single-cylinder configuration makes for a lighter, more compact and more fuel-efficient powerplant that also boasts a supremely usable torque curve.
    The rest of the CBR250R package is similarly balanced, combining satisfying performance with the kind of refinement and easygoing usability that make a difference on every ride. The result is extraordinary - a truly versatile 250cc sportsbike with unrivalled fuel economy.

    Main features
    - Powerful liquid-cooled 249.4cm3 single-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts and four valves for strong torque and outstanding acceleration.
    - Advanced PGM-FI fuel injection for superb throttle response and impressive fuel economy.
    - Diamond twin-spar steel frame with 37mm telescopic forks and Pro-Link Monoshock rear suspension for outstanding handling and ride quality.
    - Stylish full fairing.
    - C-ABS version with Honda's Combined Antilock Braking System for secure braking in all conditions.
    - Multi-function digital instruments including speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature display, multi-segment fuel gauge and odometer/trip meter.
    Ergonomic design
    Instinctive riding position
    The CBR250R's riding position is fundamental to its versatility, ensuring comfort and control regardless of the task at hand. It is designed around a low seat height of just 784mm, which puts riders of any stature at ease immediately since even shorter riders can easily put a supporting foot on the ground when stopping. The result is increased rider confidence and a bike that is in its element carving through traffic jams and other busy urban environments.
    The position of the handlebars and footpegs works with the seat to create a sporty riding position that offers outstanding control and a feeling of being at one with the bike. At the same time rider movement is not restricted in any way. Indeed, so balanced is the riding position that even long days on the road are a joy, relaxing the body and leaving the mind free to concentrate on riding.
    Outstanding manoeuvrability
    Lightweight at just 162kg (166kg for the C-ABS version), the new bike's manoeuvrability is further enhanced by its perfect chassis balance. In fact, what little weight there is seems to disappear once the bike is on the move.
    Full fairing cowl
    Key to rider comfort when travelling long distances at speed, a full fairing with a windscreen considerably reduces windblast as well providing a degree of weather protection. The CBR250R's fairing directly contributes to the bike's ease of use, making riding less tiring and helping to maintain concentration levels.
    Advanced digital instruments

    The CBR250R's sophisticated ergonomics are underlined by its multi-function digital instruments, which display all the information the rider needs at a glance. The result is less time looking at the display and more attention on the road. Speed, engine revs, engine temperature, fuel level, time and an odometer/trip meter are all clearly displayed.
    With the power to carry two people effortlessly, the CBR250R is a very capable pillion machine. Grab rails on the tail unit are specially designed to take gloved hands, giving passengers a secure point of contact. Beneath the pillion seat a storage area makes the CBR250R a hugely practical bike, with space for the owner's manual and toolkit that come with the bike as well as an optional U-lock, raincoat or emergency kit.
    Too many sensible bikes are also sensibly styled but the CBR250R proves this needn't be the case. Unmistakably Supersports-inspired in its design, the aggressively sculpted fairing sweeps up from the front of the bike to a light and purposeful tail. The bike's lines are at once dynamic and sophisticated, communicating the machine's dual personalities: exciting small-capacity sportsbike and practical all-rounder.
    The CBR250R's striking colouring concepts work with the classy and co-ordinated finishes on its chassis components. The result is a machine with the class to turn heads everywhere it goes.
    Colouring concept
    Asteroid Black Metallic
    Black isn't traditionally regarded as an extrovert or attention-grabbing colour but the Asteroid Black Metallic CBR250R turns that preconception on its head. Perfectly reflecting the new machine's confident and sophisticated character, metallic black paint lends the CBR real presence on the road.
    Pearl Blue Tricolour
    Encapsulating Honda's long and glorious racing heritage in a single colour concept, the Pearl Blue Tricolour design offers sports riders a striking alternative to black. Inspired by the liveries of countless victorious Honda race bikes, this colour option is a winner in its own right.
    Punchy and efficient new engine design
    The heart of the new CBR250R is an all-new liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. Employing a 4-valve cylinder head with dual overhead camshafts, the new engine was developed with an unwavering focus on efficiency and usable torque.
    By reducing internal friction to a minimum, the CBR250R engine boasts both gutsy performance and extraordinary fuel economy. And while the peak power figure of 19.42kW at 8500rpm is impressive, it is the relentless torque the engine develops from very low revs that defines the riding performance. Indeed the outstanding peak torque output of 22.9Nm combined with the bike's low weight delivers class-leading acceleration, both from a standstill and in-gear. This translates into effortless traffic-beating performance and huge rider satisfaction, in town and beyond.
    Single-cylinder configuration
    Where many of its rivals use multi-cylinder engines, the CBR250R's single-cylinder powerplant offers many benefits. Because the number of moving parts is kept to an absolute minimum, the engine is more fuel efficient, saving the owner money at the petrol pumps. This mechanical simplicity also reduces servicing costs - another essential element in creating a hassle-free ownership experience. A single-cylinder engine is also more compact, helping create a bike that is at once lighter and more manageable than the multi-cylinder competition. Finally, because the engine is physically small, it has been positioned perfectly within the chassis for an ideal front/rear weight distribution which gives the bike superb handling.
    Like all the machines in the CBR family, the CBR250R employs Honda's advanced PGM-FI fuel injection system for smooth, responsive power delivery and superb fuel economy. The Electronic Control Unit works in conjunction with the bike's electronic ignition to deliver the perfect amount of fuel to the cylinder at all times. The result is an engine that really does have it all; a broad spread of power delivered with the immediacy only a fuel injection system can deliver. To ease maintenance the CBR250R uses an external fuel filter for the PGM-FI system, further reducing maintenance costs.
    Six-speed transmission
    As befits a machine with performance and versatility, the CBR250R uses a six-speed transmission to make light work of riding at any speed. The six ratios work with the bike's power delivery to optimise acceleration and deliver both refinement and economy when cruising.
    Total reliability and low running costs
    The single-cylinder engine needs very little by way of maintenance and is also very fuel efficient. It covers 27 kilometres on a litre of fuel in typical riding conditions, giving a range of over 350 kilometres from the compact 13-litre fuel tank. This class-leading fuel economy is a direct result of intensive weight-saving measures within the engine. The reciprocating parts - the piston and con-rod - are both lightweight in their design, boosting economy, and the lightweight, low-friction piston rings and the iridium spark plug also help get the most from every litre of fuel. Liquid cooling guarantees a consistent operating temperature for the engine, further enhancing economy and reliability.
    Ultra-clean exhaust
    The 2011 CBR250R incorporates the latest in exhaust and catalyser technology to ensure low emissions. The Tri-metal catalytic converter reduces the level of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides to an absolute minimum. An oxygen sensor in the exhaust enables the engine's Electronic Control Unit to further reduce emissions by ensuring complete combustion within the engine.
    Rigid yet lightweight chassis
    The engine is mounted in a steel diamond twin-spar frame. This frame configuration is lightweight, contributing to the bike's low kerb weight. It is also immensely strong, providing a rigid platform on which to mount the front and rear suspension systems. This rigidity is key to stability and swift handling, and on the new CBR250R the frame's rigidity balance has been carefully optimised for sporty dynamics and superb stability at speed. The rider and passenger seats are supported on a strong secondary frame capable of carrying a substantial load.
    Advanced suspension systems
    Suspension behaviour was crucial to meeting the CBR250R's brief: to provide levels of sophistication and refinement not normally found on such a competitively priced machine. The bike features a hydraulically damped 37mm fork at the front and Honda's Pro-Link Monoshock rear suspension configuration. This uses a linkage to help the Monoshock damper control the swingarm movement generated as the rear wheel moves up and down over bumps. The result is a superb ride quality combined with the poise and feedback that supports sports riding on challenging roads.
    High performance wheels, tyres and brakes
    The CBR250R uses big-bike wheel and tyre sizes for enhanced levels of grip and serious presence on the road. The cast wheels mount a 110/70-MC17 front tyre and a 140/70-MC17 rear tyre - purposeful rubber for a serious motorcycle.
    Braking is taken care of by a large-diameter 296mm disc and a powerful dual-piston caliper at the front. At the rear a smaller 220mm disc and single-piston caliper further boost the bike's stopping capability while also offering the controlled rear-wheel braking required to perform low-speed riding manoeuvres.
    Combined ABS
    The new CBR250R is also available in a Combined ABS version. Honda's advanced Combined Antilock Braking System links the front brake control to the rear brake and prevents tyre slip when braking, ensuring safe and powerful deceleration in all situations. The system's ECU uses sensors to monitor the speeds of the front and rear wheels. If these sensors detect that one wheel is beginning to rotate more slowly than the other, suggesting the first hint of tyre slip, the Combined Antilock Braking System modulates the braking effort to ensure full grip is retained. Thus it maximises braking ability while retaining complete control of the bike.
    Optional equipment
    The sporting character and impressive versatility of the CBR250R can be further enhanced with an extensive range of optional equipment from Honda Access Europe.
    - U-lock
    Designed specifically to fit under the bike's seat, the tough U-lock is a strong ride-away theft deterrent.
    - Seat cowl
    Carbon-look seat cowl, designed to work with the strong lines of the CBR250R fairing, covers the passenger seat when riding solo for a more aggressive sports look.
    - Rear seat bag
    The roomy rear seat bag further enhances the everyday practicality of the CBR250R.
    - Tank pad
    Designed to protect the fuel tank's paintwork, the tank pad protects the back of the tank from damage through wear and tear.
    - Wheel stickers
    The sticker kit underlines the machine's Supersport credentials when applied to its cast wheels.

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    Re: Honda CBR 250RR

    la negra
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    Re: Honda CBR 250RR

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    Re: Honda CBR 250RR

    me llama la atención que tenga caja de 6 velocidades y su peso! 162 Kg
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    Re: Honda CBR 250RR

    Lastima que sea de solo 1 cilindro, practicamente es una twister con carenados

    recuerdo cuando yo breteaba en peisa y se traian las CBR 250 RR 4 cilindros
    sabor el sonido que tenian en alta aunque no caminaran casi nada
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    Re: Honda CBR 250RR

    veo esta bichilla tuanis, pero vamos con una preg... entre la ninja 250 y esta cual, escogerian???
    yo me iria por la ninja, no se porq tengo algo con la honda, q me previene comprar sus varas... =S
    Venga cuanto mi!
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    muy facil, a nivel mundial, la ninja 250 es el modelo mas vendido de kawasaki.

    hasta ahora en ese segmento nadie le ha llegado, y menos a la version europea que viene con Fi y sensor de O2 que ajusta en tiempo real, basicamente Honda saco esta a ver si le puede robar un poco de mercado, pero con ese modelo asi tan a medio camino, no creo que se mucho el porcentaje.
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    Hay que ver a cuanto la van a tirar, ahora una ninja 250 puede andar por los 3 millones , en ebay las cbr250rr andan en $4000 aprox (Como dos millones d colones) si estos maes se ponen las pilas y la tiran a un precio mas bajo puede que algo le hagan pero si se les ocurre venderla a precio competitivo con la ninja...

    Por cierto Yamaha r15 = YBR con encarenados a 200000 (800 mil colones mas por plastico)
    Cansado de los precios altos de la gasolina???
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    Maes en Sava esta bicha la están tirando en $5900. La motillo me gusta, tengo ganas den entrarle, recomendaciones alguien?
    Si mantienes la calma cuando todos pierden la cabeza, no has captado la gravedad del asunto...
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    yo probe una una cbr 250 la conduje, la acelere, la escuche y ahora soy el orgullosos dueño de una ninja 250... no se pueden comparar como dijeron por ahi es una twister con carenado el sonido no es el que uno espera con una moto asi en cambio la ninja 250 en lo personal es un sobo de moto, pequeña, economica pero rapida insisto mientras en la cbr tienes un cilindro de 250cc y 4 valvulas en la ninja son dos cilindros y 4 valvulas por cada uno mae la respuesta del acelerador no se puede comparar tal vez la velocidad final si pero la salida y las medias velocidades no hay compentencia
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