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    Spoon Company History

    Aprendamos un poquito sobre la marca Spoon Sports:

    Spoon Company History

    1988 Jan Spoon Sports founded along the Koshu-Kaido in Suginami, Tokyo.
    The company opens as the speed shop and racing tuner for Honda's sports-type vehicles.
    1989 Apr Begins development of ECUs for racing engines.
    Develops and releases exhausts for racing.
    1990 Oct Enters the Macau GP with a US-model NSX based race car.
    Finished 3rd place (Driver: Ikezawa). Special thanks to Mr. Man (Distributor in Hong Kong).
    1991 Jul Enters the Snetterton/UK 24 hour endurance race with the EF3 Civic.
    Finished 1st in class. (Drivers: Ichishima, Roland, James)
    Aug Begins export business to Europe, centralizing operations from the UK.
    1992 Mar Starts to race in the new endurance racing series in Japan (now known as the Super Taikyu) with an EF9 Civic.
    1993 Jan Exhibits at the Autosalon held in Harumi, Tokyo.
    Mar Participates in races held in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.
    1994 Jan Exhibits an EG Civic with a full carbon body kit at the Autosalon.
    (Carbon hoods were beginning to be accepted in the market)
    1995 Mar Builds a racing car out of an EK Civic and begins racing.
    Apr Releases light-weight rims and begins development of aluminum calipers.
    1996 Feb Head office moves from Shimotakaido to a newly constructed building at Ogikubo, Suginami-ku.
    Releases a tuned-tuned engine assembly kit after setting the trend for tuned Honda engines.
    Begins to offer seminars on engines. (The seminar was attended by more than 200 people from 1996 to 1999)
    1997 Aug EK9 Civic Type-R is released from Honda. Only 6 days after the car was released, Spoon enters the car to a race in Suzuka.
    1998 Apr Begins sales of adjustable damper kits.
    Oct Begins sales of 4-pot aluminum calipers.
    Dec Begins sales of B-type engine assembly kits.
    1999 Mar Company capital increased to 2.4 million yen.
    Aug After 5 months from the car's debut, Spoon enters the S2000 in race for the first time in the world.
    Wins the Tsukuba 9-hours endurance race (1st in class, 2nd overall).
    2000 Jun Enters the S2000 to the Nurburgring 24-hours race (1st in class, 32nd overall)
    Aug Races in an invited race in Korea (Inter Tec in Korea).
    2001 Feb Land purchased in Minami Ogikubo to begin a new business venture.
    Mar Supplies six S2000 racing cars to various teams for the Super Taikyu series.
    (This establishes the S2000 in motorsports)
    May Opens TYPE-ONE as an exclusive speed shop for Type-R vehicles.
    Jun For the first in Japan, Spoon releases a monocoque 4-pot caliper for the S2000.
    Jul DC5 Intergra-R debuts.
    Spoon races the Integra-R in the Super Taikyu and wins (2nd in series).
    2002 Jan Decides to restructure and rebuild the TYPE-ONE business from ground up.
    The building is demolished for reconstruction.
    Spoon decides to postpone racing domestically and concentrates its racing activity in North America and Europe.
    Oct Enters a GP road course event with the S2000 in Vancouver, Canada.
    (Finished 1st in class)
    Dec Enters the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA, USA with an Accord based racing car.
    (Finished 1st in class)
    2003 Feb TYPE-ONE re-opens in the newly constructed building as a one-stop speed shop for all Honda owners.
    Jun Enters the Silverstone 24-hours race in the UK. (Finished 1st in class)
    Dec Enters the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA USA with the Honda Fit.
    (Finished 2nd in class)
    2004 Jan After successfully launching new products in the domestic market, Spoon shifts its focus to cater the overseas markets. Continuing its activities in the racing scene, Spoon broadens its marketing reach to trade shows like SEMA.
    With its unmatched reputation in the domestic market, Spoon reaches out to Honda fanatics all over the world.
    Dec Honda tuning becomes popular in Germany, Italy, UK and North America.
    Begins R&D work to build a racing car out of the Honda Legend.
    Enters the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA USA with the Honda Euro R.
    (Finished 1st in class)
    2005 Apr Newly establishes a Product Technical Development Division to strengthen its R&D capabilities.
    Dec Enters the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA USA with the Honda Fit.
    (Finished 1st in class)
    2006 Oct The company's financial ratings increases. Spoon decides to focus on balancing its sales between domestic and overseas markets.
    Dec After retiring from the same race one year ago, Spoon re-enters the Honda Legend Racing car to the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA USA. (Finished 5th in class)
    2007 Jan Exhibits the new Honda Civic R at the Autosalon.
    Apr Begins R&D of dry-carbon hoods for the FD Civic.
    May Begins R&D of Fly-by-Wire based big-throttles and ECUs.
    Dec Enters the Super Taikyu race in Suzuka.
    Enters the 25-hours at Thunderhill, CA USA with the new Civic R.
    (Finished 1st in class)
    2008 Mar Enters two FD2 Civics in an One-Make race.
    Annual sales top 10 billion yen. Starts the "YR Campaign" to improve
    Information disclosures in various business divisions. Together with the
    "5S Campaign", the company targets to strengthen its business.
    Sep Produces the inaugural "I Heart Honda" event at the Tsukuba Circuit.
    Nov Enters the Macau GP after more than 15 years since the first entry.
    (Finished 3rd in class)
    Dec Spoon receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ogikubo Police Department, recognizing the company's continuous support to community safety.
    2009 Enters the Super Taikyu 2009 Series. Finished 3rd in the series.
    Jan Exhibits the NSX at the Tokyo Autosalon.
    Feb Organizes a off-line meeting event for TYPE ONE customers.
    Mar Encourages employees to fully take their given annual holiday dates.
    May Organizes the "I HEart Honda 2009" event at the Tsukuba Circuit.
    Aug Enters the Malaysian MME 12 hour endurance race with the S2000.
    Nov Enters the Macau GP with the NSX-R GT.
    Enters the 25-hours of Thunderhill, CA USA with the FD2 Civic R.
    2010 Feb Organizes the "I Heart Honda 2010" event at the Suzuka Circuit.
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    A Rare Look At Spoon's Old School E-AT
    From the June, 2009 issue of Super Street
    By Taro Koki
    Photography by Kyoshu Mizohata

    Spoon president Tatsuru Ichishima is now an icon in the Honda tuning world but there was a time when he once was a newbie; although, that was more than a quarter of a century ago.
    Back in 1985 when Spoon was still "Tatsuru Ichishima Company", the 33 year-old Ichishima was building his very first race car on his own. Although he was a privateer, the Spoon founder was able to gain support from Honda and Mugen for parts. In exchange he provided racing data back. When we asked him why he was able to get this kind of support he just chuckled and said, "I used to be a test driver for Honda. Back then getting the support from the manufacturers was huge. But I didn't realize just how special that was until later. At that time, all I wanted was to race."

    As a test driver, he had of course plenty of track experience and done his share of time underneath a car but this race car was special. His Honda Civic E-AT would become the first Civic to enter the Japan Touring Car Championship series even before the Honda team and also become the basis of Spoon's racing concept and philosophy of today.

    Now the car sits in Spoon's speed shop "Type One" among their later race cars like the NSX Type-R and Integra DC5 as a symbol of the Honda tuner's racing heritage, although they can hang with newcars
    of today. It may be old school but you better come ready because this old timer can lap Tsukuba pretty quickly. The amazing thing about this car is that not only is it fast, but its in great running condition and is an endurance car that can constantly go fast.

    As you can see in Spoon's cars
    of today, their building concept was formed right at this time. Ichishima always stresses that a car must be fast and durable. One of the things that Spoon does to make this happen is weight reduction, and his target was to slim down to 900kg (1984lbs). This was before carbon-fiber, high-tensile steel and titanium. As you can see the car is completely gutted out to the bone, reinforced and built up according to the strict Group A specs.

    This third generation Civic was designed by Honda under the MM (man maximum/mechanics minimum) concept. It was clearly designed from the factory to become a fun-to-drive vehicule with the same DNA from Honda's motor sports. The car would later attain the popular Wonder Civic nickname and win the first Japan Car of the Year award for Honda. Basically this was the car that put the Honda Civic on the map. It was an obvious choice for Spoon to take this car as a base vehicle and turn it into a full-blown racing machine.

    Under the bulged hood is the 1.6L DOHC ZC engine with programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI). The ZC engine is to become the defacto sports twin cam engine before Honda comes out with the VTEC. The ZC has a long stroke for a sports engine and had the speed that paralleled F1 engines back then. The PGM-FI gives lots of low rpm torque and smooth revving across the board. The Spoon racing E-AT boasts 230hp at 9800rpm where the stock E-AT Civic Si with the ZC gets 130hp at 6,800rpm. Within the JTC Series, the battle between the Civics with the ZC and the Corolla Levins with the 4A-GE becomes the big rivalry of both the makes and motors.

    The ECU is made by Keihin, which is Honda's biggest electronics system supplier. Ichi-san modestly said, "We weren't able to set up the car during practice so we had to wing it as we went." It was set up so the front and rear brake distribution, fuel mapping and ignition timing can all be controlled from the cockpit.

    Read more: http://www.superstreetonline.com/fea...#ixzz1bRREJ4Vi

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    Spoon Sports FD2 Honda Civic Type-R Racecar
    By Joey Leh, Photography by the author

    The 25 Hours Of Thunderhill endurance race is just days away from starting as we finish up this article for all you loyal OR readers. The longest road race in the world, the 25 Hours outpaces the Nurburgring and Le Mans events by sixty long minutes.
    Located at Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California, it’s an around-the-clock slugfest that usually sees crashes, spins, rain, cold weather and mechanical troubles. Entrants run the gamut from club racer to Daytona champion and it’s not unusual to see a factory Mazda rubbing fenders with a closed-top prototype racer. The race has gained steam in recent years and both exposure and competition have grown tremendously.
    Spoon Sports, the famous Honda tuning company, has run the race for years now under the banner of American importer and distributor, Opak Racing. From the Japanese Integra Type-R to the automatic transmission-equipped Legend, Spoon has put just about every Honda to the test on track.
    In past 25 Hours Of Thunderhill races, they’ve campaigned a Honda Fit, with a fuel efficiency strategy, and this right-hand drive Honda Civic Type-R. Returning this year to Thunderhill’s twisty turns, the Spoon Civic Type-R has been rebuilt and refreshed in order to go the racing distance.
    Released for the Japanese market in 2007, the four-door Civic Type-R differed dramatically from the three-door European Type-R model and the four-door US Si model. The Japanese domestic market (JDM) Type-R is fit with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine that makes 222hp and 159 lb/ft of torque. The Spoon Sports racecar adds to that with a free-flowing racing exhaust and Spoon air intake/airbox.
    The engine has purposely been left fairly stock, as class rules dictate the modifications allowed and endurance racing is about surviving hours of abuse, not quarter mile runs. As a testament to that fact, the Spoon Sports Civic Type-R racecar features an upgraded aluminum radiator and oil cooler kit.
    The stock Brembo four-piston fixed caliper braking system has been retained, although Hawk racing pads are used. With their higher coefficient of friction and temperature range, racing pads of any brand are suggested for use when on track.
    Street pads will function better in the city, on account of their easy wear and cold bite characteristics, but will not have the heat resistance to survive on track. The Spoon Sports racecar requires these basic racing parts since it will go lap after lap at racing speed and the BFGoodrich racing tires can generate extra braking force (i.e. heat).
    The suspension system is, of course, a Spoon Sports coilover setup, which allows the adjustments that are required to get just the right kind of on-track balance. The interior has been fully stripped and given the racecar basics – weld-in full rollcage, bucket seats, safety harnesses, fire system, starter kill and steering wheel.
    One of the extras in this car is the LCD instrument panel, which is surrounded by a thin slice of carbon fiber. Clean and tidy, the interior of this Civic Type-R racecar showcases the attention to detail displayed by the Opak Racing/Spoon Sports crew.

    Although the Spoon Sports Civic Type-R has been fit with a simple bodykit and distinctive two-tone paint job, don’t assume that this is a show car special. The wheels are actually lightweight AME rollers and the infamous Spoon Sports scheme is bright and noticeable for one important reason – sponsorship keeps racing going.
    Smart racers know that exposure and visibility are just as important as on-track success. In order to make it to the top, you’ll need the support and help of sponsors, and sponsors need results. Trust us, take care of your sponsors and they’ll take care of you.
    As one of the most famous and longest running Honda hop-up parts manufacturers, Spoon Sports has managed to stay in the game with a combination of racing credibility and steadfast dedication to Honda. They’ve never tuned a car that wasn’t wearing an “H” badge and have only recently delved into turbocharging with the NSX platform. So it should come as little surprise that the Spoon Sports team has high hopes for its 25 Hours Of Thunderhill effort.
    Their in-class competition includes a slew of E36 BMW M3s, a Grand-Am ST-class Mazda RX-8 and a few other front-wheel drive Hondas. Still, Spoon Sports has the racing pedigree, strategy, driver line-up and trophies to prove its past success. But will that success translate into a long sought-after class win at Thunderhill?
    Opak Racing/Spoon Sports

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    Algo mas bonito que esos q puso, aqui con el AMUSE

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    Chuzo sip... ahi voy poniendo de todos

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    Paseito por el Taller de Spoon

    Sera que me porto bien y el niño me trae uno de estos


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    100% Nissanero pero que CHUZO!!!!

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    jejeje ese q es de Forza???
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    Buena info está super interesante
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    Sigamos con el tema,

    Este amigo solo salio a la venta en Japon, este modelo modificado por Spoon Sports tiene mejoras de Frenos, suspe, aritos y por supuesto en la compu ECU. como caracteristica principal el carrito tiene un motor Hybrido un nuevo reto pa los tunners.

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    I Heart Honda, es uno de los eventos que se organiza en Japon, Spoon Sports organizo el del 2010, en este evento se reunen los Honditas a disfrutar el dia estilo Interclubes o Track Day. Tambien participan otros tunners como Tracy Sports y Route KS.

    Como quien dice la pura sustancia... solo chuzos, aqui les dejo unas foticas para ilustrar,

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